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AJPPS Review Process

American Journal of Pharmacotherapy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences


The Journal Manuscript Management System

1. Submit Manuscript Files

Manuscript submission is entirely online via the author portal on the @Editorial Assist platform. @Editorial Assist performs technical review of the submitted manuscript and notifies the responsible Editor-in-Chief (Chief Editor) about the arrival of a technically complete submission (for example, whether an abstract is submitted, whether authors’ contact information is provided in the right format, etc.).

2. Check The Manuscript

Chief Editor checks the submitted manuscript for compliance with the Journal’s scope and content guidelines.

Manuscripts outside the scope of the Journal are rejected by the Chief Editor and the author notified via the Publication Manager.

4. Reviewer’s Comment

Once the peer review comments are received, the managing Associate Editor communicates to the Chief Editor the recommendation for action on the manuscript as follows:

  • Acceptable as is;
  • Acceptable with minor revisions (such as factual corrections, explanations to reviewer queries, form or formatting);
  • Acceptable only after major revisions (the manuscript will be reconsidered after more substantial additions and reorganization);
  • Rejected

5. Editor Accepts/Rejects The Manuscript

Based on the managing Associate Editor’s recommendations, the Chief Editor accepts (without revisions, with minor revisions or after major revisions) or rejects the manuscript. The Chief Editor may discuss with the managing Associate Editor any conflicting peer reviews or recommendations and may include additional comments on the letter to the author in order to uphold consistency in the journal’s treatment of submissions and feedback to authors. Chief Editor shares reviewer’s comments with the authors irrespective of the outcome of the manuscript’s review.

6. Sent For Copy Editing

Once the Chief Editor accepts a manuscript, the Publication Manager is notified to prepare and queue the manuscript for publication.

7. Sent For Final Approval

Publication Manager sends the galley proof of the accepted manuscript to the author for queries and final approval.

8. Publish And Indexing

Once approved by the author and Chief Editor, the manuscript is sent by the Publication Manager with instructions to the Publisher for publishing and indexing.